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Confusion Clouds OAU Law Graduants Over Posting As Law School Starts Lecture

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Peter Oyebanji 

When a graduate of faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, went to law school to make an enquiry on why OAU students have not appeared on their website as part of the newly admitted students to Law school – it was discovered that files containing documents of OAU students have not been unknowingly accessed and processed by Law school.

OAU students didn’t see their names up until late last week and that was just a phase, there is the posting list – a list that shows which among the six law schools the student will be undergoing the training. The posting list is one which is now the wellspring of confusion among OAU Law graduates, who are supposed to be in Law school already but aren’t due to not getting posted yet.

OAU Kilonshele gathered from a reliable source that while graduants from other institutions have been in Law school for the past couple of days attending orientation programmes and all that, no OAU graduant is yet to be posted to Law school – and lectures start today. Although, Obafemi Awolowo University is known for lateness in the past, OAU Kilonshele confirmed that this year’s processing from the school’s end was quite fast and it is surprising to even OAU how Law school managed to botch it.

“Even if we see our names today, it is not easy going down tomorrow. But let’s say we go down tomorrow, we’ll still have to do registration and other important things. The lateness is abnormal and that’s the issue that we’re now in.” Those were the words of an OAU graduate and and a victim of this anomaly.

Despite OAU not being mostly at fault, the victims feel the school should have done more and that they feel neglected.

Meanwhile, we can’t confirm steps being taken by OAU to fasten this process and we’re currently unable to reach any authority in the faculty of Law as at the time of writing this report.



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  1. First, your news outlet is not up to date on events, ask the same student if as at Friday this is the same situation, you got a report on Thursday or God knows when, you are publishing on Monday. Internet is a global, stop this rubbish and get up to date news

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