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Team Pinnacle, An OAU-based NGO, Wants to Build an Hollywood-like Monument on Campus

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Peter Oyebanji

Team Pinnacle is a relatively unknown Non-governmental Organization that is based in Obafemi Awolowo University. According to its pinned Tweet on Twitter which has already generated over a hundred retweet, the organization wants to construct an Hollywood-like sign on OAU campus.

In a statement released by its founder, Dotun Olaniyan, a graduate of the institution – it was stated that members of the organization are students and recent graduates of OAU. The organization explained that the project will be fully sponsored by prospective donors and will be aided by volunteers.

The Hollywood sign which is 13.7M long and 106.7M wide was the world’s largest free-standing sign of its kind up until 2010, when it was eclipsed by the paddy power sign which has now been brought down. The ‘Great Ife’ sign will eclipse the Hollywood sign and would be lit up by automated solar power at night according to Team Pinnacle.

According to public data, the Hollywood sign cost around $21,000 (over 8 million naira according to current rate) and it was erected in the early 90s. It has also been renovated several times. Team Pinnacle stated that it has made significant progress as regards this aim and that it launched a social media awareness so as to garner sponsors and volunteers.

Dotun Olaniyan, the founder, told OAU Kilonshele that their goal is dream-like. “We want the university to watch us do the impossible,” he said. Team Pinnacle has reiterated that the school will not be involved in sponsoring this monument. According to Mr. Dotun, the ‘Great Ife’ sign will cost hundreds of million, a sum he admitted there is no magical plan in hand to secure. Team Pinnacle is hoping a pretty good social media presence and a charming presentation will help them secure investors.

However, there are people that think Team Pinnacle could focus on necessary things that are convincing and more achievable instead of a dream-like aim. Although, Team Pinnacle’s announcement was well-received on social media – a few social media users criticized it.

Dunnex Samuel, the chairman of the institution’s action committee told OAU Kilonshele in a conversation that there are necessary things that could have been considered instead of a free-standing sign. He, however, noted that Alumni associations are not obliged to the university. “Most of these alumni, over the years, have not shown concern about the status of the university and the things that really matter. But we should not be distracted from the fact that they are not obliged to do these things.”

Team Pinnacle told OAU Kilonshele that they’re aware of these concerns and criticisms. “We understand that needs like hostels and lecture theatres will keep coming up, you can never satisfy people with needs like this. But this thing that we want to do will serve as a tourist attraction and will pull people to contribute to the growth of the institution.”

In the words of the founder, their aim is to leave a legacy that will last forever.

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