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English, Dramatic Arts Not Fully Accredited As Law And Dentistry Regain Full Accreditation

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OAU Kilonshele

In the recent accreditation reports by National Universities Commission (NUC), Faculty of Law, Dentistry and departments that lost accreditation in 2018 have been fully accredited while some departments had their full accreditation withdrawn.

Faculty of Law, faculty of Dentistry, Fine Arts, Botany and Family Nutrition lost their accreditation in 2018 via NUC’s report. Since then, the above listed faculties and departments had made efforts to regain full accreditation.

OAU Kilonshele gathered that the departments and faculties have been fully accredited by NUC. In an official statement released by the institution’s PRO, Mr. Olanrewaju, the accreditation of the departments were confirmed. Also, 5 faculties got full accreditation for all their departments.

Meanwhile, Department of English, Dramatic Arts, Home Economics, Education History, Survey and Geo-informatics got interim accreditation – which means there are issues that need to be fixed before they can get full accreditations. Interim accreditation is different from being completely denied accreditation.

Programmes being run in the postgraduate level were also fully accredited.

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