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Founded in early 2016 by Lekan Afolabi, Oau Kilonshele News Outfit has held the bar for transparent, true and investigative high in the walls of Obafemi Awolowo University and beyond.

Oau Kilonshele News Outfit has over the years produced the best minds in campus journalism and beyond with their members winning both in-house and national awards. These young stars have grown from naive and baby journalists to writing for major Nigerian news media outlets. They have led various in-depth investigations to reveal nothing but the truth to the public, raise awareness about pressing social issues and impacting the society at large. Their members have found their way to PR as professionals. One thing peculiar about the agency aside her impressive track record of producing some of the best Journalists in OAU, is how they prepare their members for the outside world after school through supervised reporting, writing and responsible duties.

As a campus news outfit, Oau Kilonshele by all obvious facts remains the only competent platform for journalism enthusiasts to grow as online media reporters, news writers, columnists, editors and on-ground correspondents ie you get to learn the art of online news media and traditional journalism through investigative and reporting assignments.

“Oau Kilonshele is a platform, family for journalism enthusiasts to understand the intricacies of journalism, grow as campus journalists, writers and become something more” Lekan Afolabi, founder of Oau Kilonshele.